Nic von Rupp

Nic von Rupp is a professional big wave surfer, proudly born and raised in Portugal to a German father and Portuguese mother. Nic has crossed the globe in search of the best and most challenging waves. From Ireland to Hawaii, from Tahiti to Australia and where else. Despite all the travelling around, Portugal has remained as the place where Nic consistently found his best rides. At his homeland, Nic rode waves that echoed through international media, gathering millions of views and likes and shares, securing an international recognition, unparalleled amongst his European peers.
Other than his surfing skills and relentless drive to explore and challenge, Nic is a very creative individual, who knows how to put his charming personality to good use, mixing his general good vibe and daredevil instincts to produce highly engaging video series that makes him stand out within the competitive world of social media and self-produced content.
After the success of the previous My Road and Von Froth series, Nic Von Rupp now presents Portugal Back-to-Back, a nine-episode series that will take you through the land that shaped his surfing and character. Driving up and down the Portuguese coast, there’s no better company to be with than Mr. Von Froth himself. Meeting his endless list of friends, visiting iconic places, exploring off the beaten track beaches and waves, and spreading the stoke wherever he goes, this is a ride that will show Europe’s prime surfing nation like you’ve never seen it before.